Erotic Poems

Turned Out

Turned Out Poems: Everytime our eyes meet, I get weak and turn into a freak, from your erotic streak, While you light me on fire, I perspire all of your desires, When you touch and suck, I'm always abrupt to erupt, and when you lick me all around, My secret to downtown, I scream as I cream, the dream of

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Stormy Morning

Erotic Love Poems: good morning lover it's time to wake up look what the new day brought a promise of rain a roar of thunder a flash of lightning a trembling that shakes us like an earthquake as we hold each other tight as love flows like magma we rock there together in the dawn's smoldering light h

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Sensual Poems: [Cured] Your touch in sight and my fingers are the light. There’s no need to impress. Now that I’m bare you can caress. Embracing my lust for gold. Showing how my passion unfolds. Like

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