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Sick of crying, Tired of the lying.

Old School Love Baby close your eyes I want to take you back to a moment in time where everything made sense when being in love was cool some of that Old School I want you to imagine a time where men where men no baseball hats, jerseys, white tees or throwbacks when men worked and knew how to act I want that time where women were ladies dress to impress only a hint of skin letting the imagination run wild unlike now where they let it all hang out I would like to court you no what’s up shawty b

Hey mama slow downHey mama slow slowSlow down Right here right nowI'm so proud We Came too far to let you downSupreme Mathematics in Action Speak louder than Yours truly with pen Never hit you in ya stinkYou still feel my painI massage your feetCalm you brainUnplug from the gameBreak through clouds of painSilent soldier You known my story  You my QueenI make it rain hail Snow and earthquakeNo nuts no glory Journey to the middle of the earthWar Roaring Rapp

Star-struck from the bottomI tell her come closerPoppin bottles all nightCan you picture me sober?Love at first sightI saw that are souls were intwinedWrapped inside a good bookare pages divine like a good duetMarvin & Tammihope I make it one dayget me a grammyand put it in a shelve here, rite next to my heartthis life is what you make itno matter the starthip-hop gave me life I'm startin anewwhen it's over, then it overI tell you I'm threwloves blind, shootin bullets in the d

how could he, just hurt you so beautiful, he replaced youdamaged you, broken heart nowshe needs help, like fire engine rescueshe deserve more, cause to me all women are queensand beautiful in every way mind and spirit  yes I'd to explore all the factions of your bodyand find your absolute most darkest secretand love u uncandidly, in other words everlasting,let me be your protector rather than some other Joean stop chances of another man hurting youcause i can't

Star-struck from the bottomI tell her come closerPoppin bottles all nightCan you picture me sober?Love at first sightI saw that are souls were intwinedWrapped inside a good bookare pages divine  

She the light up in the skythe reason why the sun shine'sI'm lovin that 5 foot figure, you lookin so finein the mornin til, the ends of all tonightsnightmare gone prevail but you, you give them life

Posted By: foxydiva52 Date Posted: 4/14/2011 4:53:00 PM If I say I love youIf I say I love you,Its because I really do.If I say I love you,Theirs nothing I wouldn't do.If I say I love you,I'll put you before me, but thats just me.If I say I love you,will you break my heart.If I SAY I LOVE YOU,That means your in my soul.If I say I love you I have given you my heart.If I say I love you,I've given you my soul.My heart is a place that only you my love and "GOD", lives.If I say I love you will you ap

I love you more than words can explainif you would leave it would bring me painthat the storm came and you left me in the rainsitting at the bottom of my beda clear look out the windowdead insidein a state of limboit burn like hell to see my angel fly awayleft with no memoryor a letterjust one featheri tried to get you off my minejust for a minutes timebut i cant blame nobody for the bed i madeand it hurt to sit in minein my mindid think of the kindof lines she would say at this timei swear look

Imma man on the Moon I think of the moon as to having an eccentric glow, to be a gorgeous accessory to the diamond freckled sky.  That white pearl on a black sheet, I highly doubt you’ll ever reach that peek. So why admire it as some do if you can’t have it for yourself?  I think the same about you, subconsciously Friend for the eye but stranger to the touch.  HA, call me Neil Armstrong? So many people dream to be where no man has been. So many people fail to achieve what

Poems 1 to 10 of 655

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