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Opposites attract

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            "Opposites Attract"

The first day I wanted nothing more than to be next to you..

My days seemed so, so long..

Nights endless with beautiful stars in sight.

In my mind I dream of you..

Touching you..

Loving you..

The you that stole my heart,

The you that I never wanted to be apart


Your happy conversations..

Leaving everything else in it's place..

Knowing now the smile left on my face

Is priceless......

Who says money can't buy happiness?

With good intentions,

it sure can't make the situation bad..

Heart stuttered to leave..

After our sinful trading..

Never wanting to find a way to say good bye..

This is the beginning even though I've never been here before.

Heart blushing,

Though I sometimes feel so bad..

Crying to myself, just wanting him to know...

How this adjusting is making me sad..

Not trying to hide the way I feel..

Knowing In time I'll soon be a good girl gone bad...

Wondering if he can handle that?

Or still wanting to protect..

My innocence that I'm slowly loosing.

Could it then be impossible to love me?

To give me.....

What I need...

A chance with him to succeed....

He loves me for me,

Now that's a fact!!!

We have so much fun...

Like two school age kids..

Laughing while holding each others  hand..

Kissing softly before we give our selves to the other....

He loves me for the me that I am!!!

He is loved for the kind heart he has toward me..

The thug that emerge out from time to time..

The way he makes me feel when he says "I miss You"....

He's loved as He loves me...

Opposites do attract......


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7/8/2015 4:20:00 PM | James
Detrroit Michigan

Nice job! Keep on doing you!

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