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Deep Penetration

4/11/2018 | 108 views | Category: Erotic Poems

Openlegs, closed eyes, sweat dripping on a rose pedal covered sheet.  Chocolate dipped strawberries, whipped creme, could never taste this sweet.

Temperture rise, bodies tremble, seduction that will leave you with a sexual addiction.  From my slow grind, in and out, my smooth sexual friction.

Sweet dreams, steamy nights, hot fantasies and sexual sensation.  These are erotic things brought on by my Deep Penetration.

I will blow your mind with the tip of my tongue and oral persuation.  I will take you breath away with my motion, my loving is simply amazing.

My sex game is one in a million, everything else is just a imitation. Of the raw..uncut..erotic pleasure  of my Deep Penetration.

Soft kisses that give you chills and leave your body on passionate fire.  Warm embrasses that comfort your soul and embodies your every desire.

This passionate trip needs no ticket nor do you need a invitation.  To take this ride to extasy compliments of my Deep Penetration.


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Deep Penetration

Erotic Poem | General Poem : Openlegs, closed eyes, sweat dripping on a rose pedal covered sheet.  Chocolate dipped strawberries, whipped creme, could never taste this sweet. Temperture rise, bodies tremble, seduction that will leave you with a sexual addiction.  From my slow grind, in and out, my smooth sexual frict

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General Poem | Love Poem : Rain... The rain falls like liquid sunshineAnd streams down, upon the roof,The shine and shimmering wetness Offering, abundant proof, Proof that the rain has been thereAnd done, its’ special job,Proof that the skies have released their pleasureIn this moist and living sob, A sob of joy, I believeFo

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