Ghetto Love Poems

Love's Suicide

Black Poem: Your just like the man I've always wantedYou (physically) do me right But, mentally we tend to fight because in your mind WEIR  alright and I agree just to stop each feud when really I want all of you to love me Not just a little laughter,huggs and kisses Nightly sex to put me at submissionI wa

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His Innocents

Black Poem: You held me close Kissed me slowly and said , "You'll always be my baby"While I fought myself from pushing out tears I knew what that meant (soft laughter) "Friends!"For a second my heart was shattered Gazing at the ceiling , eyes clouded Until....I remembered why I loved you !As you pushed yourself

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I feel Like Im Ready

Black Poem: I feel like I’m ready But I hesitate to stand I want to do it You know call you my man But then I think My Freedom, My Glory Da Homies You know me  The ride slows down and we begin on our journey My mine on my money, and my money on my mineThat fast life can be addicting...Consteadly thinkin stay on

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