Healing Poems

Living ,loving,and being happy.

Black Poem | Healing Poem : Living,loving,&being happy.Live your life, love yourself be happy.People will come into your life, people will go,You have to decide who is worth keeping in your life and who isn't.What we don't seem to realize is some people are only in our life for a season, and when that season is up its up.

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Black Poem | Healing Poem : JoyAllow yourself to be joyful, it will radiate all around you.Smile,laugh, you have so much to be thankful for.All you have to do is stop and look around you. You have a place to lay your head, you have food on your table.You woke up this morning to see another day.And if your on line you have a co

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Healing Power Of You

Black Poem | Healing Poem : Healing powers of youso clear and trueA rush to judgementsomethin you do not doThe wisdom of your thoughtsshows through your eyesEveryone should havesuch a prizeThe healing powerof your touchcalming anxieties so muchWhat is that with a touchof the handit rushes to the heartof this manThe sincerity i

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